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Workshop description
Learning objectives
Transitioning to sustainability means abandoning the need to pursue an engineered, controlled, and predictable future. It means embracing the unknowns to propose some seeds for a paradigmatic change. In this workshop, participants are invited to collaboratively explore possible relations between images, objects, fiction, culture, and systems to spark imagination and envision what values could guide us towards concrete strategies and transitions towards sustainable futures in the age of Artificial Intelligence.
-Fashion Futuring summons design imaginaries and all the diverse forms of culture that can be decoded through fictional objects and abstract constructs to identify values to guide us towards liveable and ecological futures; -Imagination to future fashion trends

Artificial Intelligence and Future Fashion (Online)
Facilitator: Clarice Garcia Host: Ting Chawchen, Beijing Institute of Fashion Data: 17 November 2023, 2pm to 4.30pm Participants: 15-20 people
Workshop description
Learning objectives
With the development of artificial intelligence as well as the rise of Generation Z, cultural and tourism industry is facing new opportunities and challenges. Currently, many cultural tourism destinations have proposed concepts such as metaverse and virtual tour guides to offer hybrid online and offline travel experiences.  However,there are still some problems that have not been fully explored and discussed, such as the authenticity, sustainability, inclusion and diversity challenges faced by cultural tourism empowered by artificial intelligence. To this end, we will hold an online workshop on "Artificial Intelligence and the Cultural Tourism futures”, gathering top experts from cultural tourism, artificial intelligence, HCI and design field to envision the AI-enabled cultural Tourism futures through design fiction method.
-The creative ability to explore the realm of different future possibilities; -The skills of interdisciplinary collaboration; -An in-depth understanding of the challenges facing the future integration of cultural tourism and AI; -The forward-looking insights into the future trends of AI-driven cultural tourism.

Artificial Intelligence and Future Cultural Tourism (Online)
Facilitator: GAO Xiang, VOYA LINK Host: HE Siqian, University of Science and Technology Beijing Data: 17 November 2023, 2pm to 4.30pm Participants: 15-20 people
Workshop description
Learning objectives
In this workshop, participants will embark on a visionary journey to explore and shape the future of sustainable tourism in Bali over the next 15+ years. This interactive and hands-on workshop aims to harness futures thinking, scenario planning, speculative design, and a deep commitment to sustainability to envision a Bali that is both prosperous and sustainable. The goal is to inspire a new wave of tourism practices that respect Bali's cultural heritage and natural beauty while addressing the evolving needs of travelers in the 21st century.
-Introduce futures thinking and scenario planning; -Apply speculative design lens on a critical issue for Bali - sustainable tourism; -Explore alternative futures for tourism in Bali through design.

Futures Thinking and Consensus Community (Offline)
Facilitator: Cheryl Chung, Kantar Public Host: WANG Yun, Beihang UniversityCoordinator Data: 18 November 2023, 9am to 11.30am Participants: 10-15 people
Workshop description
Learning objectives
In this workshop, we explore, and contextualize, the topic of “Digital Futures” through the lens of the Triple Helix model as a framework that describes the interactions and relationships between three key actors: academia, industry, and government. It emphasizes the importance of collaboration and knowledge exchange among these actors to foster sustainable innovation and economic development. Strategic foresight can be applied within the context of the Triple Helix model to enhance decision-making processes and drive innovation.
-Introduce participants to the concept of strategic foresight with design, and explore the triple helix innovation model and its relevance to digital futures; -Foster multidisciplinary collaboration and engagement among participants; -Encourage creative and future-oriented thinking to address digital transformation challenges; -Generate initial ideas and strategies for leveraging triple helix innovation in digital futures.

Strategic Foresight and Digital Futures (Offline)
Facilitator: Jorn Buhring, Abu Dhabi University Host: MA Yuemei, Politecnico di Milano, GDFN International CoordinatorData: 18 November 2023, 2pm to 4.30pm Participants: 10-15 people