International Conference on Design Futures

Design futures is an incredibly timely research topic given the uncertain times we are in. In the past decadedes we have observed shifts in design from material-centered, user-centered, society-centered, nature-centered to future-centered design. Design futures explores the future possibilities of all things, society, and the planet.

Based on design and futurology, a design futures approach allows one to consider time as a critical variable to envision possible futures. Design Futures combines design thinking with futures thinking to create design new methods and design opportunities.
Tsinghua University
China-Italy Design Innovation Hub
School of Design, Carnegie Mellon University
School of Design, Politecnico Milan
In the Design Futures Conference dialogues, we seek to explore four perspectives:

1. Futures Exploration: Shaping the future social culture under the new normalcy;
2. Futures Theory: Integrating future thinking into design method;
3. Futures Empowerment: Multiple perspective view of the industry and innovation tendency;
4. Futures Trend: Future life experiments and intelligent society practices.